Our mission: spread confidence


We started combyne to help people explore their creativity. The Problem: people lose confidence by looking only at what others do on social media and trying to imitate it. Here’s the solution: creating YOURSELF will make you confident about who you are and what you like. By creating every day and getting empowering feedback from your friends, you’ll feel the rewarding sense of achievement. A “positive addiction”, like sports or painting.

combyne makes it easy and fun for YOU to create and get confident. Together with a loving community.

Meet the team

Dr. Philipp Seybold

CEO, Founder

Karolina Yunusova

Chief of Product

Miguel Serrano


Marek Mihók


Lara Reimer

iOS Engineer

Atilio Rrenja

Senior Android Engineer

Jonathan Kartun

Senior iOS Engineer

Philipp Ovadek

UI Designer

Koray Altunbas

Motion Designer

Anxhela Gjikopulli

Data Scientist

Tom Utting


Hannes Nitsche

Data Scientist