Digitizing The Usage of Fashion

Daily task of billions: Combining clothing. It never stops.

Problems: Putting together outfits can be difficult and can cause problems, like becoming overwhelmed with your wardrobe, having to be at home, not having enough time, no safe space to experiment and learn – and when you do want to experiment, you have to take mirror selfies and send them to your friends for feedback.


digitizing the usage of fashion

The biggest problem: People lose confidence by looking at what others do on social media – then they try to imitate it.
Here’s what’s healthier: Creating yourself. It will make you confident about who you are and what you like. By creating every day and getting feedback from your friends, you’ll feel empowered, achieved, and confident in your personal style. It’s a ‘positive addiction’, like sports or painting.

Our solution: Digitizing the usage of fashion. We make it easy and fun for you to create and become confident, together within a loving community.


Creators join every day


Outfits created every day


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Meet the team

Dr. Philipp Seybold


Karolina Yunusova

Chief of Product

Miguel Serrano


Marek Mihók


Anxhela Gjikopulli

Junior Product Manager

Sana Ahmad

Creator-Empowerment Manager

Atilio Rrenja

Lead Android Engineer

Andreas Chatzivasileiadis

Backend Engineer

Andrey Marinov

Lead iOS Engineer

Alexey Tretina

Product Designer

Katarzyna Szaro

Fashion Category Manager

Sadman Sarar

Android Engineer

Swapna Maskar

Quality Assurance

Taite Carter

Community Manager

Santiago Castro Baiz

Creator Support Manager

Frédéric Maquin

iOS Engineer

Rahim Khalid Iqbal

iOS Engineer

Agostina Chemello

Fashion Assistant

Tom Utting

Assistant to CEO

Maria Soto

Creator Support Agent

Catalina Franky

Fashion Assistant

Valentina Mafla

Fashion Assistant

Mayra Villaveces

Fashion Assistant

Anas Jawed

Junior Data Scientist