Digitize the creative usage of fashion

Physical fashion is the world's biggest puzzle-game, played by billions each day. Combyne puts this puzzle in the palm of your hand, bringing more simplicity, fun, social exchange and confidence to our users' lives

Problems: Expressing one's creative with fashion in the physical world can be difficult and can cause problems: lack of transparency over one's wardrobe, having to be at home to explore combinations, time pressure, being alone, not getting feedback, missing a safe space for exploration and learning.

The biggest problem is mental health: People lose confidence by lurking passively at what others do on incumbent social media – then try to imitate it. Here’s what’s healthier: Create yourself  🙌 It will make you confident about who you are and what you like. By creating every day and getting feedback from your friends, you’ll feel empowered, accomplished and confident in your personal style. It’s a ‘positive addiction’, like sports or painting.

Our solution: We make it easy and fun for you to express your creativity and become more confident, socially, together with a loving community of fellow creators.


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Meet the team

Roux du Toit

Chief Executive Officer

Miguel Serrano

Chief Technology Officer

Marek Mihók

Chief Product Officer

Amaan Ullah

Senior iOS Engineer

Felix Hromadko

Backend Software Engineer

Madeleine Buchmüller

Marketing Manager